Gazpacho of cucumber with mint and avocado cream 7.00€
Terrine Maison with ognion chutney  7.00 €
Tarte Tatin (upside down tart) of tomatoes with honey and coriander 7.00 €
Marinated salmon with aromatic herbs and lukerwarm potatoes  7.00 €
“Foie gras” of duck, mi-cuit, with fig chutney and “Poujauran” bread. (typical Parisian bread)    16.50 €
“Escargots de Bourgogne” smails with fresh garlicbutter and parsley     
             6in   7.50€       12in   13.00€
Bio eggs with housemade mayonnaise and “heart of lettuce” 6.00 €
House-smoked salmon and “Poujauran” bread 13.50 €


Mixed greens salad, ham, emmenthaler cheese, tomatoes and boiled eggs
Mixed greens salad, Cantal cheese, smoked ham, duck gizzards, green beans and nuts
MILANAISE     15 €
Tortellinis, Serrano am, zucchini, tomatoes confit, artichoke, parmesan cheese, olives
And pistou (kind of pesto)
Mixed greens salad, warm goat cheese, tomatoes, raisins and “Poujauran” bread
Grilled Chicken, crispy bread chunks, parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, tomatoes and mixed greens salad
Smoked salmon, shrimps, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes and mixed greens salad  
SOUTH WEST    13 €
Foie gras, smoked filet of breast of duck, dick gizzards confit, green beans, tomatoes and mixed greens salad.


Risotto with Morel mushrooms, smoked ham, mesclun salad and parmesan cheese 15.50€
Tuna fish, mi-cuit caviar of eggplant, pistou and parmesan cheese      21 €
Roasted filet of sea bass, mashed potatoes with smoked filet of        breast of duck and nuts    21 €
Steak of codfish, tomato salsa and fresh herbs    18 €
Golden supreme of chicken “French cut” with mashed potatoes “maison”    15 €
Lamb ribs with rosemary caponata (Sicilian eggplant delight) 17.50 €
Beef carpaccio with basilicum, parmesan cheese French               14.50 €

All our grilled dishes are accompanied of French fries and mesclun salad 

Steak Tartare (seasoned) – raw or rare     17 €
Burger GALLIERA               17€
With cheddar cheese, tomatoes, red ognions     
Rumsteak (from Salers) with Roquefort (blue cheese) sauce    18 €
Entrecôte (from Salers) “300g” with béarnaise sauce    22 €
Steak de filet (prime flank) of beef with pepper sauce     22 €     
Andouillette AAAAA from « chez DUVAL » with mustard sauce     18 €
Our sauces of sauces : Béarnaise, Roquefort, pepper, mustard


Assortment of French cheese    8.00€
Cantal           5.00€
Roquefort     6.50€
Goat cheese from Perche    5.00€


Coffee, tea or hot chocolate “gourmand “                7.00 €
Mi-cuit with chocolate ice cream and crème brulée    7.00 €
Crème brulée “light” with vanilla Bourbon    6.50 €
Tiramisu Galliera    7.00 €
Panna cotta with red berries    7.00 €
Chocolate mousse Galliera     5.50 €
Baked apples and crumble of speculos and almond ice cream    7.00 €
White cheese (with coulis of raspberries or with acacia honey or with fresh herbs or with sugar or natural)    6.00 €
Tart of the day    6.50 €
Ice cream or sorbets (3 portions) “carte d’or “ Miko    6.50 €
Coffee or chocolat Liégeois     7.50 €